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Blazar Card Shop Genesis

Blazar Card Shop is a stand alone project that works together with the Blazar Force DAO, Blazar OP Card Genesis is the first Real World Asset collection of NFT's I have built and combines my love for TCGs (I am an avid enjoyer of public play for both One Piece cards and MTG, alongside popular NFT card games like Gods unchained, Splinterlands, Parallel, etc) and blockchain! The Genesis Collection has each NFT backed by at least one real One Piece Leader card that can be redeemed for no extra cost. Every card minted has been acquired in excess, soft sleeved, stored in a fire proof safe, personally vetted, and will be shipped with both soft and hard case to ensure quality as they are all ungraded. Beyond being a RWA the genesis NFT will be used as a mint pass for new card collections and other potential benefits within the Card Shop.

Redemption will become available March 6th 2024 and remain open until there are no NFTs left. 

Minters, welcome to the Shop!

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Get in touch with who we are

While other esports solutions endeavor to be less inclined to service their customers with intimacy and integrity, we specialize in results that are community oriented, affable, and pioneering. We are building a community of web3 gamers who specialize in trading digital in game items and currencies, and even the games themselves!

The core of our DAO is it's token Blazarbits(BzB). BzB is the token that represents each members say in an entire array of decisions, own enough and you can purpose any changes you would like! Our token was launched in Oct. 2020 with no sales or raises(still to this day), all tokens were earned via participation, and saw early success being bridged over to Polygon Network(Matic network back then). Since we have continued building, onboarding, and supporting Web3! 

We boast a permissionless decentralized exchange( to ensure trading of our DAO and Guild tokens is always available while enabling us to fully list other tokens to encourage collaboration!

We run 2 NFT contracts our Blazar IDs( on Polygon which is growing into something great, and our Blazar 0 Club ( on ETH which is a badge of honor for long term members! We also have created and distributed various nfts as collectibles like our POAP collection and other airdropped gifts.

We run established guilds in various web3 games as a way to recruit new members and bring old members into the game!

We have an established rewards token BlazarByte(BBY) that has a built in reflection function to tax every transaction 2% resulting in all existing holders having more tokens and an ever increasing amount burnt. This tokens are given out for sharing some gaming, being a nft holder, or participating in our weekly esports tournaments!