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What are Blazar Bits and what do they do?

The Blazar Force is a gaming organization founded in 2019 to help onboard gamers into web3 and crypto games. It is made up of members from all over the world working on supporting a lifestyle of earning enjoying games that anyone can learn to play. BzB was created to incentivize members, ensure longevity, and bind the Blazar Force together.

BlazarBits(BzB) is an erc-20 token deployed to the Ethereum main-net and bridged to the Polygon Network and Binance Smart Chain. BzB are each members voice, each BzB counts for 1 vote in the Blazar Force. Voting is vital to the success of Blazar Force, it ensures we stay true to the community vision and members have a chance to put forward their opinions and have them heard. 2.5 million tokens were created and many have been burnt already with even more just a vote away, creating a deflationary effect instead of an inflationary one . Tokens will play the vital role of decision making, allowing holders to vote on the different paths forward. A supply of 200k BzB tokens is reserved for a 3of5 multi-sig treasury the holders can use to fund events and growth. Initial supply was given out as incentives to gamers and participating members, or used to seed liquidity. We raised no capital as of yet. Sold off no tokens. And have been increasingly expanding! In 2021 we expanded our arsenal of smart contracts to include NFTs and a Large supply reflect token named BBY. With even more in the works.


Meet the team behind it all, and find what you seek fast!

Bartholomew Nienhuis



Knight of the Blazar, Long term Member of the Blazar Force

Dr. Rob

Community Manager


DAO member


 Blazar 0 Club  NFT represent membership in our guild, and are minting live now!

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